Monday, January 30, 2012

Fashion School: Day 2

Here's an overdue post on how my second day of fashion design class went. Since we didn't meet last week, our instructor Ched asked us to pick our favorite fashion designer from an era that he assigned us an another one that is our personal choice. 

I chose Jean Desses because of his design aesthetic. He was inspired by his travels abroad. He specializes in creating draped evening gowns in chiffon and mousseline, based on early Greek and Egyptian robes. Here are some of his designs that I loved:

A classic design and silhouette that is still seen today 

My favorite! :) 

Glamorous 50's dress for Jean Desses
For my favorite fashion designer from the present, I chose Michael Cinco. His use of embellishment might seem over the top, but in the end it makes everything rich and glamorous. I really admire his use of the overlay technique when he makes his gowns. Here are some of his breathtaking works.

The overlay detail makes it seem like the design is on Ann Curtis' skin! :) every detail hugs her curves and would make any woman look sexy as hell.
Who would've thought that placing a lot embellishments on a dress; when placed strategically would make a gown look so rich.
Here are some of his designs from his Dubai shop.

He's so amazing that his works are already admired and worn by a  lot of celebrities, not to mention catching the eye of Tyra Banks. :) Filipino Pride guys!

After our report, the class was took over by Ms. Hazel. She taught us a lot about proportion and how to draw flats.

I'm so happy that my drawing has improved!
And then we spent most of the afternoon drawing these "flats" in paper and copying skirt styles. This was really a fun day, people started to warm up to each other that we made a lot of "chika" during drawing, haha! Need to start with the assignment :) Can't wait for Friday!


  1. wow! love michael cinco pieces, thanks for sharing <3 love the couture ones as well <3

    1. you're welcome Carla! and we have another reason to be proud to be Filipino! :)

  2. Oh, wow! Those Jean Desses gowns are so lovely and timeless. :)

    I love Michael Cinco too - the ultimate dream is to have a dress made by him for my wedding. Or kahit anong event man lang. Haha!

    It's great that you're having fun in fashion school! It looks awesome! :)

    1. Thanks Carla! yup I'm so happy :) I'm living the dream :)