Monday, January 16, 2012

Fashion School

Here's a late post on what happened on the first day of my fashion design class at FIP :)

I came in early and made friends with the other early birds :) at about 9:30 AM our class started. About 12- 15 students were present that day, some of the girls were already acquainted. Then our instructor Ched introduced himself and told us his own definition of fashion.

Lesson for today: History of fashion and the Elements of Design
Because it was our first day, most of the day's activities were lectures about the history of fashion, fads and trends and the Elements of fashion. It was really refreshing to be in a lecture where everyone is really listening.

Our professor, Ched Dalogaog recently joined Mega's young designers competition. He defines fashion as pop culture. 

There would never be a dull moment in his class, he shares his knowledge and keeps all of us interested and entertained.

Some of my classmates :)
After lunch Sir Ched talked about the Elements of Design, different silhouettes and how a seam or even an embellishment can affect your design.

Awesome illustrations from previous fashion design students from FIP

A funky project from an Advanced Fashion Design student
After the lecture, He told us to draw front and back slashes and other lines to help us to loosen up before he gives us our seat work; he asked us to draw 4 illustrations showing the elements of design that he taught us. 

When we were all done, each of us showed our drawings in class and explained. It took us about 1 1/2 hours! haha! Kasakit ng ulo! pero it was fun seeing how each of us had our own unique style. It was really fun but I really hope I'll get better at drawing details like lace and other fabrics.

My humble designs for each element of design

Sir Ched took our drawings, maybe he'll show it to us on our last day to compare how far we've come (just a guess lang naman) .

As I went home, I was really genuinely happy. I met new friends at class;  amazing women, some were still working and has a different profession and other young women who also shares the same dreams as mine. I'm really excited for our next class, we had to choose our favorite designer na kasi I'm kinda torn between Jenny Packham and  Ulyana Sergeenko! waaahhh!

Till next time dearies! :)


  1. So exciting! I'm also starting up a program at Academy of Art University (, and I can't wait! Hope you keep posting about your experience at FIP :)

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