Saturday, September 3, 2011

Back from thrifting

Oh my! It's been awhile since I last blogged (sorry guys I caught a bad flu) and because I'm off duty since yesterday, I'll be preparing a few stuff to sell in the shop, here's a sneak peek :)

And just tell me how pretty this safari blazer is!!!!

get this safari jacket HERE

The BF's still on vacation in Nueva Ecija with his family, so here I am in Manila shopping my sadness away hehe... (which I will blog about soon)

And lastly Plethora Shop will be giving away this geometric print dress! JOIN IN DROWNING EQUILIBRIUM'S BIG BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY NOW! :)

photo courtesy of drowning equilibriums


  1. Oh that Safari Blazer is such a great catch Christine. I equally enjoy thrift shopping! We'd get along fine! :D


  2. NICE! ^^ Thrifting is such a cheaper and sometimes more enjoyable way to shop our sadness away, lols! ^^ Where in NE is he? I'm from NE too! ^^

  3. love thrifting too! :) and the safari blazer is so nice! :) following you :)

  4. love the blazer! i wish I can go thrifting lol. I have this allergy and it sucks!

  5. @Ann- the bf's from Guimba,NE ;P
    @kath- thanks for following girl! :)
    @Abi- try taking an antihistamine before going thrifting :) (the non drowsy type ha) good luck! :)