Saturday, September 10, 2011

SHOP GIVEAWAYS: all the good things

You might notice a lot of advertising and publicity the shop is getting nowadays. We recently sponsored fashion  blogger Aisa Ipac in her big birthday giveaway which you can still join to win these prizes below. :)

win the ruffled gray dress

get this geometric print dress from Plethora

loving the cape blazer? join the giveaway now!

Next was an outfit post again from the chic Ms. Aisa featuring a vintage red velvet blazer from our shop.

And now we have a giveaway/ collaboration with Simones Closet which you can join here.

Thanks to the bloggers that are helping me get the word out for the shop! And to you my clients I'll be posting more and shabby vintage stuff for you soon :)


  1. @eunice: Hi! just click on the links that I've provided, that would take you to the blogger's page that would show the mechanics for the giveaway :) Good Luck!