Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shop Review: Logolooza

I was finding someone who could do my product tags for me, I then posted it in Multiply's seller group and received overwhelming responses from various suppliers. One response that caught my attention was Logolooza, she offered to give me a free mock up because this was also her first time making product tags and wanted to gain the experience. She asked how much my budget was and agreed to work around it. With a 200 peso budget I was expecting that the designs would be limited. I was surprised on how professional she was and her designs were clean and organized, just how I liked it. I told her my shop's background and style to get her inspired.

I chose this design and wanted it to be printed in a brown card stock:

The design was too crowded though, my contact number wasn't that visible; so I requested that it had a lighter polka dot background.

product tags with a light and dark background
It took me awhile to decide about the design because the owner Ellaine celebrated her birthday and I didn't want to rush her in finishing the tags so that she could enjoy her day.

Finally made up my mind and decided to choose the lighter one, so that the quality of the brown cardstock would also be seen. Her service was so fast that she delivered the tags as soon as it was finished! :)

The final choice- aren't they so simple? :)

Please try to check out Ellaine's cool site for more affordable, organized and professional looking websites, business cards, logos and more.

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