Monday, September 5, 2011

Would you want your teeth whiter?

As we age, our teeth darken and discolor. As you get older and reach 30, the color of your teeth usually start to fade. The dentin, which is present underneath the enamel, generally tends to yellow. But you don’t have to put up with it. A great smile is possible for everyone! There are a lot of scary things that some people do so they can stay young; and teeth whitening is the first thing that people start with. (source)

I purchased Crest Whitestrips Professional Strength Supreme online through Ebay :) (I only bought 10 pouches though just to test drive the product)

Product Features

  • 80% more effective tooth whitening than regular Crest Whitestrips available in stores
  • 14% longer upper strips and 18% longer lower strips
  • Strongest concentration available on any whitestrips

I also read a lot of reviews and watched videos about the product so I was really optimistic that I'll have whiter teeth in just 3 days :)

So here is my before picture:

please pardon the scary smile, notice the yellow teeth

After 1 session *30mins

It actually lightened a few shades after just 1 application
- Its easy to use
- The product is really effective
- It doesn't have a chemical after taste at all 

- Some areas of my gums got bleached, but then subsided a few minutes later
- I wouldn't recommend this if you have sensitive teeth. Mine was not at all before I started the procedure but I'm feeling minimal pain and sensitivity because of the high content of Peroxide, over all its tolerable considering the fast bleaching effect the product has. 

Ill just update you guys about the bleaching process after 5 days, owkies??? 


  1. I do want to try those whitening strips from crest but I can't seem to find them easily on the stores.. Do you know if I can find a local store that sells it? Or sa ebay lang tlga?

    nice review btw.


  2. Hi Myrted!

    These strips has the highest peroxide content that are not available commercially :) so i guess we really have to purchase them only on Ebay :)