Monday, September 19, 2011

mini photo shoot for shop euphoria

I just to share to you guys some photos of the small photo shoot we had with my colleagues for Shop Euphoria. Medically, Euphoria means happiness :)

Khel started the business a few weeks ago but have been thinking of starting her shop months prior. A few of our friends then lent her a hand; Love modeled her products, Karmie was in charge of hair and make up and I took the shots.

Love wearing the braided feather clip

Love this shot :)

All of her products are handmade so not all items are alike. They are also reasonably priced, some are even priced at less than 100 pesos. Shop their site and see for yourself! :) 

Took a photo of the  gorgeous owner too! 

Good luck to your shop mommy Khel! we're all here to support you! mmmuwaaahhh!!!

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