Monday, September 12, 2011

My Hidalgo St. Date : Finding my perfect tripod

Saw this funny looking map as I searched through Google :)
How to get to Hidalgo st. the easy way: (we went there via the LRT)

via LRT from Taft Avenue 
1. Exit  to Carriedo Station
2. Go down to the GF to cross the street to enter SM
3. Then exited at the other side, from there you can see Henry’s and all the other stalls.

*sorry no outfit posts here, the BF and I wore clothes that are as modest as possible so as not to attract any gangs on the streets, hehe...anyway the instructions speak for itself, I just told my boyfriend the instructions above and after a few minutes of walking around and being at awe with the merchandise on the streets, we set foot on "The photographers haven-- Hidalgo St.".

Since we came there on a Sunday, I was actually expecting a few shops that are opened; luckily most of them are still open even during Sundays. We browsed around the stalls wide eyed and happy; there were a lot of point and shoot cameras being sold here for camera collectors :) But then we had to find what we came for.. a tripod, hehe...seems like an easy task but as I've researched on the internet, finding a simple DSLR tripod that has great quality and an affordable price seems to be harder than it looks. I had to read a lot of reviews and price comparisons to find a specific tripod that would fit my budget.

We finally decided to get the Benro T800EX tripod and they even gave it to us with a discount!
Here are a few specs:

Sections: 3
Max. H (mm): 1460
Folded (mm): 470
Weight (kg):

Remember not to settle for a cheap tripod that would be unstable and in the end would not be safe for your camera. There are a lot of affordable and high quality tripods out there so make sure to check out Hidalgo St. in Quiapo for more affordable camera gear.

After we had dinner at the local Mang Inasal branch there, we bought a bunch of DVDs and ate more street foods to fill our tummies..ahhh...we just miss the simple dates that we had while we were in college :) With a full stomach we went home and did a road test of our purchase here are a few of the shots we took:

All smiles!!! we had a fun date! :)

Max. L (kg): 3
took a stolen shot of the bf 

finally a great shot :)

How about you guys? have you been to Hidalgo st.? what was your best bargain find? :) 

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  1. I have never been to Hidalgo! Which is perfect because since you wrote this entry I actually have the guts to go there now! :D Thank you!! :D

  2. @jana- you'll be missing a lot if you haven't been to Hidalgo, just dress modestly and don't bring your DSLR and don't bring out even your cellphone lastly, have someone go with you :) Good luck dear, and share your finds too! :)

  3. i remmeber this! i went here with my boyfriend they offer the best prices. and ohhh say hello to vintage cameras!

  4. ma'am, permit me to ask, magkano po ang last price na nakahuya nyo for the tripod? and which store? i'm planning to purchase the same item when i get the chance to be at hidalgo. thanks!