Saturday, August 20, 2011

Not your grandfather's "Conan"

At first I had doubts of watching this because if I remembered it correctly, it was from the 80's. But then he started telling me "minsan lang kita yayain manuod" haha! my heart melted! I thought, it wouldn't hurt naman if I watched this hunky dude diba? then I kept on imagining Conan's chest and arms, hahaha!!!

So there, as seen on their trailer above the movie is full of brutal barbarian fight scenes matched with amazing cinematography, which kind of reminded us of the movie 300 (our personal fave). 

taken from yahoo (yes he WAS a baywatch dude)
It was also not bad to see this 6"2' hunk play Arnold's previous role, this is definitely not your grandfather's Conan! The movie has retained the previous version's storyline so more or less you would know how it ends. The movie's special effects, cinematography and action scenes definitely made up for its predictability. I didn't expect that I would like this movie but because the bf knows me so well (that I liked the gory stuff) I am very glad I agreed to watch this with him.

So if you're okay with watching heads fly around watch this movie (the abs and chest outweighs the gory stuff naman e ;p)

Can't remember the original version of Conan? click here to reminisce all y'all 80's babies :)

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