Saturday, August 13, 2011

Groupon date at Tender Bob's

Here's a cheap date trick that I am sharing for those couples who wanted to try something new but are also saving up for something big (like "the big day") *wink.

A lot of groupon sites popped up this year, there's cashcashpinoy, metrodeal, ensogo and for the higher end deals there's dealgrocer. But still keep in mind that even though you are getting the deals in lower amount doesn't mean that you have to buy every deal that pops up ( I knew a few people who does that) Anyway, I bought this cashcashpinoy voucher a couple of months ago so that my boyfriend and I could try other restaurants but with half the price, the problem was we really didn't had the time; as what I've told from    a previous post, its hard to be an Army girlfriend because you'll just never know when you could spend the time together; so we rarely plan our dates.

Good thing, he just came back from a mission from Bicol the day before and has time to spend with me, *kiligkilig! off to Tender Bob's Greenbelt!

checking out their flyer while waiting for the real menu (and started to compute in my head :P)

Here's the boyfriend eyeing the steaks, :) hungry na daw so he picked the hungry sized steaks

We ordered a hungry sized Porterhouse steak for the bf and pork chops for me :) and for the drinks, just bottomless lemonade. We never got bored while waiting, because every time he comes home from a mission, he told stories of his experiences there, he is even planning an out of town trip for us to go to Daet and show me how beautiful it was there :) sweetness...haha! The Philippine dragonboat team was also one of our convo-starters since it was all over the news; he then told me that the team members were also from the Army  :) Wow! After a couple of minutes our meals were served.

took some shots of the place while waiting

Porterhouse steak for 345 pesos yumyum!

Another view :)

Portion size was great, the meat was well- done (as instructed) the gravy was perfect, the sidings of buttered vegetables were a compliment with the buttery taste of the meat which was not to salty. (a good thing) And here's mine:

Pork chops for 215 pesos :)

Yes, I ate it all. It was that delicious :) we just decided to have it with plain rice but you can also choose to eat your meat with mashed potatoes too. The total damage was worth 740 originally but because of the coupon, we just paid 240.09 pesos! (another reason for the boyfriend to love you, hehe)

Our "first" date (since he left again) was perfect, reminisced good times and laughed a lot over great food. And as always, I'll be forever proud of him serving our country though we might not have a lot of time to spend together as we used to, it'll be very comforting to wait for someone you deeply love and whom you wanted to spend more dates with :)

Here are a few parting shots with my soldier.

What's wrong with my eyes? so haggarda! hahaha! 
More cheap and sweet tips coming soon! so stay tuned :)

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