Saturday, August 6, 2011


I woke up yesterday with a serious drive to complete the next collection and a really bad cold. tsktsk... I guess it was because of the change in weather (which I hate) not to mention, not being able to take photos of the next collection on our backyard. Luckily, my papa bought a big Styrofoam board so that I can have a decent white background. Here are some shots of my humble room/ studio (feeling lang) haha! :P 

Attached it to the wall with double sided tape
I decided that it would be more appropriate for the products to be photographed against a white background, so that the focus would be on the clothes.

another view of my room 

O diba mas ok?
I had ordeals with this white background nga before, I bought a couple of white cartolinas and taped them. Ayun, they kept on falling apart which was a big hassle for me. Exhibit A:

as you could see on the left side of this photo, bumibigay na ang background ko, ahihihi
I also got a text message from my previous client wanting me to post more thrifted clothes :) oo nga naman, It's been a while since I thrifted narin naman. So please try to check out my online shop for the new uploads.
Here's a sneak peek:

Please check this blog from time to time because were going to have a giveaway this month so stay tuned!


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  2. I like your shop. :) It's nice to see blogs like yours. Would want us to follow each other?

  3. Thank you so much Myrted :) sure I would love to follow your blog too :)