Tuesday, August 2, 2011

At Dads with our "clinic dad"

Kc and I went to Dads Glorietta branch last night after our clinic duty to confirm our company's reservation.
We were all so excited to eat out with the whole staff despite the strong rain. We then entered the restaurant and sat down on two of the 30 seats reserved. Vera asked us to take some of her favorite grilled Salmon that we then ended up eating before they even arrived hahaha!

Grilled Salmon
We then took a couple of pictures while waiting for the team to arrive :)

Some interesting choices even included our favorite street foods like grilled liver, corn cobs etc. which made our resident "hepa girl" KC very happy, hehe...

At 7pm people started to arrive at Dads

We were also entertained with their roving house band, which sang a couple of the client's requests. KC and I were planning to let them sing "Leaving on a Jet Plane" for Dr. Tan but there were just the two of us there so we asked them to come by again when Dr. Tan arrives. 

I only eat California Maki, I didn't like how raw fish tasted kasi so I just dip it in soy sauce a little longer.

Sipped hot green tea while waiting
Sipping warm tea was really relaxing, it brought me a sense of comfort even though it was raining so hard outside the whole day. 

My girls Love and KC with their free football 
The team then arrived and we all started with our first plates; we decided not to eat rice so that we could at least have a taste of more viands. I started with the healthy stuff, hahaha! Lechon, Lechon Kawali, Roasted beef etc. then moved on to dessert: cream puffs and cute miniature Creme BrulĂ©es. And then more! 

with Dr. Tan

And to you Dr. Tan, thanks for the memories :) we enjoyed working and learning with you. We will surely miss our best plastic surgeon and medical director. :)

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