Thursday, July 28, 2011

hello there billionaire!

I got invited by my friend Tasha to join a seminar workshop entitled "Increasing your income potential" at AIM yesterday. Together with my other friend Marion, we went to Mc Do Greenbelt 1 to meet up with Tasha and go to the seminar. Here's what I wore:

outerwear- Plethora, dress- random, flats- Parisian, belt- Landmark

Our clinic's locker room

Upon entering the venue, the organizers gave us a sticker that had me laughing inside (because I "initially" thought that it was impossible) ---HELLO THERE BILLIONAIRE. Our speaker; entrepreneur and multi- millionaire Jopet Pedroso, explained to us how.

Our seats- Smack right in the middle of the venue, nice one Tash! :)
Sir Jopet started by telling us to know the difference between our needs and wants and shared to us his secrets to success.

1. You have to have a Goal- must be written.
2. You must have a plan- a goal without a plan is just a wish
3. Action- you should take the action necessary in order to achieve your goal.

a quick "haggard" photo with ma'am Marion (hello koya at the back!) haha!

second photo, still a bit haggarda :) mas ok na!

He also shared to us a few resources for us to learn more and become financially educated
1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad- Robert Kiyosaki
2. Cashflow Quadrant- Robert Kiyosaki

My favorite part of the seminar was when he started talking about the power of visualization, and how powerful your words are. He also taught us to pray positively...instead of starting with sana, start with thank you event though what you wanted wasn't happening yet. "thank you lord for the 1 million pesos a month that your'e going to bless me" ----example. He also showed us his dream book from long ago, surprisingly all of them came true. You just have to paste photos of what you wanted to happen in the future, paste captions of gratitude just like you already had them all along; and look at your book 20 mins after waking up and before going to bed. Send out positive energy and all things that are positive will happen to you. 

Overall, the seminar workshop was a 4/5, I didn't gave them a perfect score just because it ended at 12am. The seminar wasn't boring at all and we still learned a lot, so that's not bad :) We got entertained by Sir Jopet's funny antics, stories and fascinating facts which in turn made us awake almost the entire time; I said almost because we got hypoglycemic by 11pm, very hungry and SLEEPY. (sorry) All we have to do now is apply what we have learned and take action on what we wanted to happen. 

Got a dream board already, but I need to make a dream book stat!  Remember: Our God is and Abundant God so don't be afraid to dream big and take action right NOW :)


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