Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where's the memo?

A few days ago, our headnurse left us instructions not to wear jeans, shirts, shorts and sleeveless blouses when going to work; in the boss words, were not allowed to wear anything indecent. Alas, another reason to dress up; so heres what I wore today:

loose vintage tee- jewels, cardigan- Landmark, culottes- thrifted, weave belt- Landmark, espadrilles-greenhills

I got my culottes from a thrift store; it originally has thin brown leather suspenders attached but I took them off, hehe.. I then wore it high waist with a loose soft vintage tee and a thick woven belt and some comfy flats and wore it to work.

I hope I'll have enough clothes to last me tthis week without looking too indecent,haha! My last resort would be wearing my scrubs :p but wait, why are we so afraid of wearing our jeans and shirts we have to see the memo first! :)


  1. you're a nurse, too?? high five...

  2. yup! I'm a nurse too!! we really have a lot of things in common. yey to us artistic nurses! hehe :)