Saturday, July 23, 2011

Are heels for me?

Went to the mall today with my mom to find myself the perfect pair of nude pumps. I was anxious though, I rarely wear heels; the last time I wore some high heeled shoes was when we had our thesis defense in college, which was like four years ago! haha! and I dreaded it, after the defense, my feet were killing me softly, hahaha!

So now here I am, browsing a couple of fashion blogs, and were really amazed on how lovely the styles of shoes are..I think its time that I give my flats a break and try something new. I had my eye on the pumps right here; the heel is of a reasonable height and it also fits the budget; unfortunately they didn't have it in beige or nude, so moving on...

I've been eyeing the gray velvet one on top, but they didn't have my size. Sayang 700+ lang :P

Of course it didn't take long before I found some cute and comfortable flats, that I would normally wear. These shoes had a rubber sole which were perfect for our wet season. It was a little wide though for my feet. 

Another reason why I didn't wear heels is because I don't have pretty feet.. they're bony and my veins were sticking out because of the stress and trauma hospital duties gave me, hehe...imagine how they would look like  under more stress.

Comfy cuteness :)

Topsider style shoe and a glimpse of my deep red suede brogues from Parisian.
We walked around but I never found the pair that I wanted, I fitted some pumps but I didn't like how my feet looked wearing it, "bakas ang hirap sa mga paa ko" :P My mom got hungry so we stopped over Shakey's to eat dinner. 

Mamu a.k.a mudra :P 

Bunch of Lunch!
This is what I normally eat when I'm not that hungry, I choose the super platter meal when I'm out on a date with the boyfriend; who is now "missing in action" because he got assigned in Bicol, i'ts so hard to be an army girlfriend at times; haayyy...We then went to SM Makati and I realized that my feet were not made to wear pumps, I needed shoes that would hide my bony feet and screaming veins. I chose a clog style shoe and you could notice that it has stable wedge like heels; I'd like to think of it as my "training heels"  :)

clogs- parisian
I also grabbed a rust colored leather bag to replace my overused beige bag; which is cool cause it has compartments, you can even use the inner compartment as a separate bag.

So there it is, what I did today. No outfit posts cause I wore the same thing during my previous posts, tsktsk... I also have a lot of plans for my online shop, collaborations and sponsorship; I already shopped for some vintage outerwear that I'm going to post soon :) I also got my shop revamped again by Mysweetshoppe,  we went back to Plethora's original color; Green :)

click here to check it out and tell me what you think.