Friday, June 8, 2012

Photo Diary: Tagaytay

Met up with the boyfriend at 8am and then started our travel to Tagaytay by bus. Look how big my smile was! :) 

Rode a bus at Pasay, notice the tasteful seat covers behind us, hahaha!

From Guadalupe Makati, we then took another bus to Pasay to take another bus to Batangas/ Tagaytay. One way trip only costs 75 pesos.

First stop: Picnic Grove, Entrance fee is 50 pesos per person
Its been ages since I've been to Picnic Grove, I could remember enjoying the view and playing with my elementary classmates during our Field Trip, now the place looked relatively unkempt, other parts were old, the place wasn't like how I imagined it before. Good thing they had newly renovated comfort rooms and main offices and had new attractions like the Zipline.

That day, the weather was warmer than what I have expected. Nards and I then walked around and enjoyed the view of Taal Lake before taking on what we came there for: To Experience the Tagaytay Zipline!

Happy happy! :)
Pine trees
A view of Taal Lake

Outfit posts! :)

Polo and jeans- Bench, Bag- Nike
Yup that's a smirk haha! kasilaw ang araw! :P top- Ombre Vintage, Jeans- Herbench, Boots- thrifted
I decided to wear boots because I didn't really have sneakers and I was afraid that if we ever go ziplining, my shoes might fall off. Haha! ( laki ng problema :p)


weekday rates: P200- 1way ride/ person P300- 2way ride/person. Souvenir picture included

weekend and HOLIDAY rates: P300- 1way ride/ person P400- 2way ride/ person. Souvenir picture included
Grabe! Sobrang Exhilirating! I AM AFRAID OF HEIGHTS! but since my boyfriend and I had this mantra that we should always try something new together whenever we can, I agreed to experience the zipline together with him for the first time! I'd like to think of it as a desensitization- experiencing my phobias over and over again to the point where I'm not anxious about it anymore. 

WE HAD A BLAST! at first my heart was beating so fast, I wouldn't look down cause I feel like my tears would just fall spontaneously, hahaha! But since the ride was slower than expected, I just held Nards' hand all through out, and enjoyed the wind and the view. I'm so happy I've experienced this for the first time with him. :)

The Picnic Groove's main office and beside it the comfort rooms
After our outdoor adventure, we then started to look for our hotel that we've booked conveniently 2 days before on :) Casa Marcosa Bed and Breakfast; just a tricycle from Picnic Grove, we spent 40 pesos for the fare.

nice view of the pineapple plantation across the hotel

The bed and breakfast's charming facade
The staff was really pleasant and accommodating, the rooms were very clean and organized, there was hot water in the shower; the mattress and pillows weren't worn out; even if the room was facing the street, it was still quiet and relaxing. With great value for money, we would definitely book this hotel again :)

The next day, we woke up early and started our food trip :) We ate buko pie, silvanas and then came across, Mr. Moos Milk Planet, a cute store selling fresh Carabao's milk and cheese.

clean interior of their stall
More info about Carabao Milk, their menu and the very excited boyfriend on the right :)

Mr. Moo sells Milk shakes and drinks, cheese, candies/ pastillas and sandwiches made with Carabao's milk. Nards and I tried their Creme Brulee Shake and Chocolate Shake. Since most of the products are best enjoyed cold, their shakes has a distinct taste and texture very different from the usual cow's milk.    

Just a quick tip! since its advisable to keep it at a high temperature to maintain its freshness, think twice whenever you want to have it as pasalubong, the milk curdles quickly and the milk spoils fast.

the boyfriend enjoying his creme brulee shake
And since its mother's day, we went and picked out potted flowers for the best mom's in the world and then rode a bus back to Makati :)

pretty potted flowers that are sold as low as 50 pesos per pot!
A weekend is definitely not enough to enjoy the summer capital! We just can't get enough of the weather, the food and the outdoor activities you could experience. We would be coming back soon cause we have yet to experience the boat ride to Taal lake, the weather wasn't on our side during our stay.

It was really nice to be away from the city for a while, detoxify and breathe fresh air from another city, I hope we'll travel more soon,, where to go next girls? :)

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