Sunday, June 17, 2012

Seller Feature: Marga of Mii Amore

With her petite frame, my friend Marga here loves colorful figure hugging clothes with fab shoes topped with adorable accessories to complete her look. Lets get to know more about Mii Amore's seller with our short interview below:

1. describe your personal style 

Classic. My pieces are usually the basics so I can just mix and match it with other stuff. I love the 

relaxed Boho look, florals, laces, and boots!! Lol but my heart shouts for the classic look, Clean and 


2. what do you think should be fashion staples for everybody

I always fancied wearing coats or suits, that's why I enjoy it very much whenever I'm in a cold 

weather or rainy season. Colorful, tailored, structured, leather, name it I want them all! Lol plus it's a 

very versatile piece, you can wear it with shorts, dress, pants etc. I think it's a must for every girls 

wardrobe for any season. 

3. Why name your store Mii Amore?

 Mii amore started as a humor joke from a colleague, who btw teased me everyday. and I just said why 

not name my shop mii amore, it is after all 'my love' in Spanish. Fashion is my love.

4. What's your edge from other online stores?

 My shop is not at all that unique, honestly. I just give the best deals and ideas on how to wear my 

items. And most of my items are my personal style, so I personally pick them for my clients.

Well said :) So how about some of my favorites from her store:

Aren't they all so pretty! :) and I love how she styles her clothes which makes it easier for shoppers to decide on how they'll wear their purchase.

Not only that, Mii Amore also sells brand new Shoes and Bags straight from the US at affordable prices.

chunky heart pumps
Hurry check out her store now, her stocks run out so fast!
To shop Mii Amore click HERE.

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