Monday, June 25, 2012

Color Burst

Hello Ladies! I've already posted a couple of items for the shop :) I know its been a long time. I have been busy but the thought of shopping and selling never left my mind.

I've named this post Color Burst because it best describes the feel of the newly uploaded collection. These are clothes that can still be worn even with our bipolar weather. Colors that can liven up a gloomy day with fabrics that are sheer and breathable for those humid days.

I also included another piece of handmade jewelry; a hard to find accessory for the urban bohemian, Head Chains, that were popularized by Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian. Though the simplest version of it is available, I am already in the works of releasing more designs. 

So please don't forget to stop by the store girls! Don't worry nothing costs more than 50 pesos :)
just click the SHOP TAB ABOVE or


*Thanks to my girls- Khel, Love, Da, Kirsty and Teng for being my models for the day and to Doc Leo for the photos :)

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