Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sketched a wedding dress!

Made a simple sketch for a friend on mine whose getting married this June. Most of us at work were really happy and excited for her as soon as we got the news, since she was getting married on such short notice, I was more than happy to help her with some of the wedding planning. Alas! there goes the "frustrated wedding planner in me.. AGAIN" hehe...
A simple lace and chiffon dress in cream for her civil wedding

I tried my best to sketch her wedding dress at the back of a prescription pad so that she can take it to her mananahi in Divisoria. I still draw fashion figures once in a while so that I wont forget what Ive learned in fashion school. Oooh... Im so excited to see how it will turn out! Ill keep you posted girls!

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  1. My wife had a tough time finding matching colored wedding dresses for her bridesmaids.