Sunday, August 12, 2012


velvet blazer- Ombre Vintage, maxi dress- Landmark, sandals- Jessica, watch- Tomato
Wore this today at work hoping that I'm going to watch Bourne Legacy with the boyf, but because they're still in Rizal for relief operations I'm going to spend my Sunday with my mom and my bebe sis :)

photos by my sister Audie

Lakas lang ng hangin mukha na akong naka pants, ahihihi

Flock of birds necklace from our Store, Ombre Vintage
watch from Tomato

I loved how green enhances my hair color :) the luxurious feel of the velvet blazer is perfect for the weather, finally the gold accessories livens up the outfit.


  1. what's your hair color?
    I love it :D

    1. Hey Rox! :) its light medium blonde :)