Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Girl Bonding

Had some girl bonding with my friends last night at Hard Rock Cafe in Glorietta and here's what I wore
top- thrifted/ombre vintage, denim vest- surplus shop, metal fringe necklace- Landmark, sheer floral pants- thrifted/ Ombre vintage, Orange T-strap shoes- Parisian
sneaked a couple of photos at the restroom

Ordered a few finger foods and picka- pickas
the chicken and dips were so yummy
I had to comment though that the food was overly priced, maybe because of the cafe's international brand, nothing special though and we felt like we were treated differently because we used a Gift Certificate. We even felt like they wanted to get us out of the cafe right away. 
with my girls Blestea and Love
too bad we were too early we didn't caught the band
Thanks for treating us Love, we still had fun!

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