Monday, August 6, 2012

Rainy Monday and a Product Test

Ayala avenue as I went home; yummy rocky road ice cream from Karmie, and an Acne set
Just got home after braving the storm and ankle high water here in Makati. And finally despite the weather, I already received the Acne skin set I ordered last week from Skin Shoppe :) Let me show you what's inside:

1. Lemon Soap- made with well..Lemon peel oil, Salicylic acid and Triclosan to name a few. The acid in lemon peel helps eliminate excess oils on the face and lightening skin. Salicylic Acid as a keratolytic helps shed the top layer of the skin and Triclosan, an effective anti- microbial agent that would help prevent formation of acne.

2. Cleansing Scrub- contains Jojoba and lemon peel oil. Cleanses deep seated dirt and promises to leave your face feeling clean and fresh.

3. Whitening Astringent- contains Arbutin which is a very safe for skin lightening without the toxicity and harsh side effects as hydroquinone.

4. Acne cream- a spot treatment for pimples containing Salicylic acid.

5. RA cream- that probably contains Retinoic Acid, that reducing skin oil by shrinking sebaceous glands and unclogging hair follicles, it also stimulates the formation of collagen in the skin

I loved that is has its own see through bag to house the product. All the containers are sealed and the labels are easily read and numbered according to the procedure on how they should be used. Unlike the other skin sets I've tried, this Acne set has the ingredients/ content written on the label, so you'll know what you're applying on your face.

And now since I'll be using the set for 2 weeks, let me show you the current condition of my skin.
taken (with flash) as soon as I got home, sans any make up
I have mild acne, oily skin and dark acne scars and comedones/ white heads; hopefully we'll see an improvement in a couple of days, I wont be using any other pimple treatments on my face nor cosmetics for it to be accurate so check back again soon :)

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