Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to spot a fake Skinfood BB cream

I actually didn't know that there were fake BB creams until now.

I have been buying my Skinfood Aloe Sun BB cream online from a very reputable seller, unfortunately this time my shade was out of stock so I tried finding another Ebay seller with good feed backs (or so I thought); but upon receipt of my package today, right off the bat I knew I was sold a fake product. 

Of course the photo she posted in her listing was the generic product photo like any other reseller, she did not indicate that it was a replica and because she was selling on Ebay, I got confident that I was not going to be sold a counterfeit product because it was against their rules (which I am very particular because I am an Ebay seller as well).

Now here's a comparison between the authentic and fake bb cream for those who are still in the dark (including the seller, claiming that there are no fake bb creams making me believe that this was a new formulation and a limited edition- ayos ah) about these counterfeit products.

Fake- bloated, unsealed and looks used, very poor packaging

Authentic- crisp detail on label, lighter color and sealed
Back of the tubes

I would also like to point out the scent of these two
Authentic- Fresh, fragrant scent
Fake- Smells like plastic

* as soon as I smelled the fake one, I got scared to try it on my skin, and according to this blog, the fake one has higher oil content which could cause a massive breakout.

Its really unfortunate that sellers deceive buyers for profit that its not only Skinfood BB creams are faked but a lot of BB cream brands as well.

In the end, the seller still has not admitted that she was selling a fake item but she already made a refund of my payment after our conversation. I just hope that they wont deceive other people selling fake products. Here's our conversation: I am the green text box and the seller is purple.

Hmm..let's see if it is indicated in the listing that it was a different formula :)

Yes and even if its a freebie it still has to be sealed. We actually got the product with the plastic teared of f and without the foil seal on the tube tip AS IS, you can suspect that the product was already used.
And here's a screenshot of the listing:
So whenever you see those words "limited edition" THINK TWICE
What if someone gets an allergic reaction from these? please do more research when buying products online, specially cosmetics, let's be more vigilant girls.

*want to know who this seller is? leave me your email add and I'll send you a message :)


  1. franceirish_c(at)yahoo(dot)com.. thank u :)

  2. practicalbeautytreats@yahoo.com
    thanks! :)

  3. I've been wanting to try some of skin foods bb creams (specifically the good afternoon line) but they don't sell them where I live... do you have any ebay sellers you would recommend?

    Thanks! (my email is kategvgl@gmail.com)

  4. Hello, my email is joyce_chua_92@msn.com

    May I know who the fake seller is? Also, I have been wanting to buy skin food bb cream from this g market seller but I can't decide if I should buy because I'm not sure if its authentic. The link is here. http://list.qoo10.sg/item/SKINFOOD-SKIN-FOOD-BB-CREAM-3TYPE-GOOD/406876580#itemInfo can you help to verify?

    Thank you.

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  6. Hi! Please do tell me, charlottejenniferrodriguez@yahoo.com

  7. Kindly let me know who the mystery seller is too. ;)


  8. Hi! I'd like to know both the sellers (fake and authentic).



  9. I have been an avid bb cream user, i'm a little afraid after reading this post. please tell me the seller. psycho_peanut at yahoo dot com

  10. Hey there, Ms. Plethora. Can you refer me to a trusted seller of Skinfood online. I live in the Philippines btw. Here is my email: danielyu_co@yahoo.com.ph

  11. Big thanks for differentiating the fake from the original! How can you say if L’Oreal products are fake?

    ~Pauline @ Kallony

  12. hello.please szend me the name of the sller.parang kilala ko lang to and i want to confirm.thebeautyboxonline@yahoo.com

  13. Check out Amc Beaute' on facebook.
    They sell authentic Korean Beauty Products. You may also request from them if you want any particular product which is not on their items for sale.