Monday, July 9, 2012

Thrift Trip Preview

Thrifted like craazzzzy today after my shift and went home with a lot of cool clothes :) I have this ongoing challenge (in my mind) that I have to commit to myself in creating outfit posts for my blog for one whole month, and that my friends is still a challenge that has yet to be accomplished. Hehe..

However, I decided to let you girls take a peek on some of the items I bought; here are some of the pieces that are worthy to be included in my "treasures" tab above.

#1 Khaki Draped Jacket- a jacket perfect for our weather :)

# 2 Cape Peplum Top- this outfit's so edgy, I'm glad nobody knew how this piece works!

It was actually hanging on the rack like this then when I flipped up the cape..

tada!!! Fierceness! :)

And lastly, 
#3 Because I can't get enough of lace dresses, I saw this lovely piece. Don't hate me guys, these things just pop in my hand and I just couldn't resist not taking them home.

That's 3 pieces from my thrift haul :) I'm still figuring out how to style them though. How 'bout you guys? tell me about your latest thrift adventure!

After that, please don't forget to join my giveaway by clicking the link below, Thanks girls! Have a great evening.

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