Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rosy Test Shots

A couple of days ago, we had another shoot for Ombre Vintage's new collection, and here's what I wore that day:
Rose dress used as top- Ombre Vintage, Knife Pleated skirt- Ombre Vintage, Suede Bow Shoes- Solemates

We'll be uploading our new collection within this week! Expect affordable versatile pieces that still has a prints and colors that would be perfect to liven up that rainy gloomy mood. 

By the way please don't forget to join my blog giveaway and you could win a classic silk dress and vintage scarf! There's only 1 day left to join and Part 2 of the giveaway will be posted soon.

*Thanks to Doc Leo for the Photos, my director Teng, and my models for the day, Doc Yeng, Love, Karmie, Marion, and Darlene. I love you guys! :)


  1. your skirt and shoes are really cute! :)

    1. Thanks roxanne! :) I can't stop from wearing it over and over again, hihi! how's the new job BTW? :)