Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stormy Dark Knight Date

Woke up on a very rainy Saturaday morning, I impulsively decided to reserve movie tickets for my boyfriend and I and watch the Dark Knight (well this was to surprise the boyf). I wasn't even sure we would see the movie because of the flood outside, but we still managed to drop by at Glorietta 4 and line up to get our tickets :) Here's what we wore:

Sheer floral top- Landmark, Cardigan- Thrifted, Jeans- Herbench, Sandals- Jessica, Bag- Parisian, belt- Landmark

My boyfriend and I opted for a comfy laid back look with footwear that were appropriate for the weather, the Jessica sandals were slippery though when it gets wet with the rain that my feet slips off the sandals, hehe..

Hello there my Elven ear :) *eksena much, sorry I can't help it

eye bag lang- the movie was I think at least 2 1/2 hrs :)

And my date... 

polo shirt- Bench, Shorts- Random, Footwear- Sanuk
As for the movie..well I have to say that this is definitely a MUST SEE! My adrenaline was pumping from the start of the movie and we were all so intrigued by the twists that I could not contain my excitement I had to spoil ONE of it to my sister as soon as I got home, hahaha! The action sequences, the high caliber actors and up to Batman's cool vehicles and gadgets never failed to amaze the audience. This is by far the best movie my boyfriend and I saw this year. 5/5 popcorns for The Dark Knight Rises! (*char lang)

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  1. haven't seen the movie but I heard that it's really a must see. poor me, I'll just watch with my cousins haha