Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fashion School: Final Project

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday by drawing clothes the whole day at class and I had so much fun! :) It was bittersweet though, since its already the last day of our fashion design class, some of my friends wont be coming back and others would take different courses. Anyway here's what we've learned in our last day of Basic Fashion Design.
Making a mood board

We were asked to collect clippings of photos that inspires us, it might not necessarily be clothes or other articles of clothing, it can be teapots, coins and other contemporary objects and then make a 5 piece collection out of it.

After making my mood board, I then started to sketch my designs
Jane starting her sketch
The other girls starting to sketch and paint their collection
Here's my mood board- a collaboration of Hard and Soft.
I loved the architectural look of the red railings at the left upper side and the softness of the wheat below it. The layering of soft fabrics in pastel colors parallel to the steel coins. The graphic detail of the clipping at the lower right part in mint green looks really nice too.

After a couple of hours and a lot of ice cream here's what I've came up with :)
I actually didn't expect that I would create something as edgy as this, therefore having a mood board is definitely a good idea for it has all the textures and color scheme that you will need to create a cohesive collection.

Here are some of the girls' mood boards and designs too :)

Louie's funky and colorful designs 

Jane's dainty and pastel colored designs

tada!!! My finished product! :P
And to compare how much I've improved since the first day, here's are my drawings

Day 1

Last day
I'm really surprised at how my skills have improved since the first day of class :) Now I'm already thinking of taking all the necessary classes in order to participate in the Grad Show (if the budget permits) haha!.