Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cheap Thrill: Korean Fish Ice Cream

Since its our last day of Basic Fashion Design, my friends Sam and Jane finally agreed to let me experience the infamous Fish Ice Cream. (I honestly thought that it was really made out of fish and grossed myself out, and after researching it I was glad to learn that it wasn't made out of fish at all but it was just shaped like one!) So during the break we dropped by at Rada Mart and bought my first Korean Fish Ice Cream.

They have a wide selection of frozen treats some popular ones are Melonia and the Fish Ice Cream.

Lookie here! this is it! 

We bought one at 40 pesos :)

It is an Ice Cream sandwich made out of wafer cookies shaped into a fish with vanilla ice cream and read bean in between.
Biting into it was really comforting; I love how the vanilla ice cream tasted, the red bean tasted sweet and interesting too but can be a little too sweet at times over all, it really satisfied my ice cream craving and I'll definitely go and buy one for myself, again. :)

Rada Mart

Rada Street (Dela Rosa Street), Makati CityMetro Manila

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