Friday, September 14, 2012

Little Birthday Boy

Last weekend, my super cute "inaanak" or godson turned one. Max happens to be my best friend Karen's (of Snap Snap Freeze) little boy.  I went there with my sister and boyfriend and had a Jolly good time! :)
Hello there little Max, Happy Birthday! :)
We were instructed to arrive Jollibee, Macapagal branch 30 mins earlier, so we had a lot of time having our photos taken with the super adorable birthday boy.

My stylish sister, the boyfriend and Myself

Did  I mention how great the boyfriend is with kids?! :) 
Little Max and I chillin' while waiting for guests
With the sexy mom Karen wearing an Ombre Vintage Owl Top
My rather awkward opening prayer, hahahaha! my gawdddd...
And let's get the party started!!! :)
The program started with a few parlor games for the kids and they even have games prepared for the adults
After that, we had a very satisfying snack from Jollibee! yum yum!
And then Jollibee joined the party! woohoo!
All of us were entertained by a dance number from Jollibee and his crew!

After that Max blowed his candle and gave out loot bags 
And an final photo op after the party :)
Before I forget, here's a solo pic of my outfit that day.

Chambray top- Ombre Vintage, Ethnic Chiffon Dress- Ombre Vintage, Orange T-Strap Shoes- Parisian
Yup! that DRESS my friends is just a sneak peek from our next collection. I had a lot of requests to add more ethnic tops and dresses so I took note and found the chicest looking ethnic pieces plus a couple of cute printed leggings. Your Wish is my command :)

Before we went home, there were the loveliest tall grass outside the venue, I just couldn't resist having a few shots taken with the boyf (thanks bebe sis) .
A few moments before sunset, I just love the pink skies
and off to Ilocos we go!!!
Max having fun with her grandma Guy
And to Max, 

(If you get the chance to read this someday) We hope that God showers you and your family with more blessings. Please grow up to become a good son to your parents and never forget to thank God. We, your ninangs and ninong Nards are always going to be here for you no matter what. We would terribly miss you when you go to Singapore, but we will see you again.

We love you little boy, Happy Birthday :)

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