Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Night Lights

Here's what I wore to work today girls! :)

dress- Ombre Vintage, black tights- The Landmark, Shoes- Vintage

smiley!! :P yup my fingers looked weird 

I'm squinting here because of the wind :P uwian na! :)
I know I looked like a kid with the mini dress :P not to worry about over exposure, I'm wearing something underneath, hehehe.. Not much has happened today, I was at the O. R. most of the time and still feeling a little down. Haaayy.... I hope everything will be OK.

I'm in desperate need of a virtual hug. :( 

Good Night!

1 comment:

  1. love your dress christine, love the peter pan collars! hope you'll feel better, stressful din talaga minsan ang pagiging nurse :D