Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fashion School: Day 3

My gosh! Sorry for the late post guys, been busy lately with the shop and with my part time job. :P Here's what happened (in photos) last Friday during my third day of fashion design class.

Our instructor taught us how to draw the human form with the right proportions

Here's Jane wearing the detachable Peter Pan Collar from Ombre Vintage )

That's Ms. Brigid, our instructor for the day.
And I'd like you to meet my girls from class, but don't get me wrong, the girls were nice in its entirety, I just became close with these lovely girls below.

Shane and Sam
Shane's a model, Sam's a recently retired banker.

Jane here is from Sweden, who just accompanied her mom in her business trip here in the Philippines.

Bea also worked for a bank before but then resigned to pursue her love for fashion :) She's also a model and blogger too! :) Check out Bea's blog here and stay tuned.

We've learned and drew a lot of types of collars
It was really fitting that we were learning a lot about the types of collars that all three of us (Bea, Jane and myself) wore a detachable peter pan collar :)

So far my classes at FIP has really been fun and fruitful, I'm happy that I've met all these talented young women who has their own story before studying fashion too.

That's it for now girls, I have to finish our homework first! Day 4 starts tomorrow! :)

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