Saturday, October 15, 2011

Seller feature: Carla's Closet

Here's another feature from one of our sponsors for our first blog giveaway. Meet Carla of Carla's Closet :)

Nickname: Carla
Age: 22
Profession: architecture student

What style of clothes do you sell?

A mix of clothes, really. Stuff I sell really do actually come out of my own closet, so some are pretty vintage, some are brand new, some are quirky and some are the types of clothes you can pretty much rely on on a lazy day. :D 

Describe your personal style. 
I'm a pretty laid back dresser for school, so as much as I want to go crazy one day and just wear something fantastic and fabulously loud, I usually prefer muted tones, stripes and polka dots, khakis and pretty flats and brown bags. 

Who is your style icon?
Audrey Hepburn. Yeahhhhh. If you look at her old photos, you can see just how timeless she and her style really are.

If you love quirky, vintage finds in muted tones add Carla's shop here. There's only a few days left before we launch our giveaway! Stay tuned for another seller feature :) 


  1. I feel so shy! :)) But thank you very much for this feature. I'm looking forward to your first giveaway! :D

  2. Hey Carla! you have nothing to be shy about, we love your style :) and excited for the giveaway as well!