Friday, October 28, 2011

Budget Boater Hat

Met up with the boyfriend today for some quality time :) well, where else to go but to the mall because we also have to run some errands along the way. We initially set our minds to find an affordable full length mirror to use at the flea market, instead my eyes zoomed in at that little hat on the upper left side. Yup a boater hat at last :) After checking the price; an affordable 249 pesos! :) far cry from the prices that I saw online, I made a bee line towards the cashier and made my purchase. Hopefully I could use this to style my mannequin this December.

I am really surprised at how the stylish department store accessories have become. There will never be an excuse not to complete your look with finds that are this affordable.

As we got home, my boyfriend and I started discussing about my outfit posts and that he's willing to take my photos. And then we tried to take some decent shots outside in the street. Please pardon the very laid back look and minimally styled hair.

A few "half asleep" shots later, and finally we've got some shots that we could work with.

Gray Hoodie- Plethora, Jeans- Herbench, Sandals- Kickers, borrowed from mom, chain link cuff- Landmark

He was really trying to fish out more emotion from me, and I always try not to laugh

Say hello to the police mobile, hehehe...
It's so hard to be the one in FRONT of the camera pala, just because it was hard to emote and project! haha! I was used to being the one taking the shots and now that I'm being shot at, it made me  really uncomfortable; well I hope that I'll pose better soon :) hopefully I'll look better by December too! hair-needs-to-grow-fast-to-be-permed!hahaha! 

That's it for now girlies! I promise to have more outfit posts soon :) Anyway, i'll leave you with my pick of the day:

I just love everything about this blouse :)

This pretty little piece will only be sold at our flea market stall this December, so I hope you'll visit us so that you can get your hands on vintage pieces like this.

Happy weekend girls!  

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  1. OH! Try Greenhills too for even cheaper but quality hats! I once went there over the summer, and saw this boater hat that this stall was selling for only PHP180! Grabe! And it's true - online stores sell them for like PHP500!

    Happy Halloween! :)