Sunday, October 2, 2011

DIY product tags and earring cards

I've shopping around lately and been hoarding vintage clothes during my days off :) because I have a little more time to kill and my creative juices ready to flow, I wanted to try doing my own product tags and earring cards, unfortunately while typhoon Pedring was hitting the Metro. I really wanted the rustic feel of Kraft boards but finding the right thickness for the tags became a challenge to me. So I went to the bookstore and bought a couple of stuff that I needed for my project. 

1. Ticket puncher- for the perfect sized holes for the cards
2. Tagging Gun
3. Plastic Barbs
4. Epson printer Inks and...
5. 10 pcs of long Kraft folders- because they have the perfect color and thickness that I need

Kraft folders

trim down the folders to size 

Feed in your printer :P

Voila! customized tags!

I just adjusted the logo and punched two holes to make the earring cards :)
It was a lot of work but I had a lot of fun doing these tags and I was lucky I have very supportive friends here in the clinic who were helping me cut the tags and punch a bunch of holes.

Also, I'm very happy with the collection that I am preparing for you guys for the flea market; so far I've got more chiffon blouses and dresses, cardigans, floral blazers, skirts and cute culottes. The boyfriend also has this cool idea of showing you guys a few photos of the pieces just days before the flea market; to make you guys come by to our stall :P we are really excited guys! 68 days left!

All I need now are paper hangers, and more vintage clothes, accessories and If I'd be lucky a few vintage bags :)

For instructions on how to make customized tags/ labels using Microsoft Word click here.
For a video on how to use a tagging gun click here.


  1. ^^ love the color u picked for your logo, ^^
    and Thanks for dropping by my blog=) so true that we might have been rubbing elbows in our fave thrift hunts all this time! ^^

    Ann (

  2. Hi Tin. There are kraft liner boards at papemelroti. about 89php per pack. each pack contains 30pcs 8.5x11' board. thats what i used for my calling card :) Its easier to print there

  3. I actually bought kraft boards at papemelroti but it was those big square ones, katoxic pa ifit sa printer,haha! but I'll do it anyway for my business cards sa flea market, thanks for the tip! :)