Monday, June 20, 2011

Blog lag

A lot has happened since I logged on. And even though I think I have a handful of followers, please forgive me for not following through. Here's an update of how Plethora's doing these past few months.

1. I noticed some sites that have been revamped by Multiply, making it more easier for sellers like us to manage an e- commerce shop with a fraction of the cost. Becoming a Multiply 5.0 seller means that we are part of a pilot team, there still a lot of bugs and problems with the system but since the idea is still new, they are constantly fixing it, also becoming open to suggestions from us sellers and therefore making the system better. Hopefully with the cooperation of both the Multiply team and the sellers, online shopping through Multiply will be a lot more easier. Check out my Multiply site and experience it for yourself.

2. Top Brand Awards names Plethora Shop as the most outstanding vintage online clothing seller. Taken from their website, here is their nomination and selection process.

The awardees are selected through PUBLIC / CASUAL and ONLINE NOMINATION followed by random consumer survey and research. Opinion polls, including telephone polls and casual consumer inquiries in popular product outlets are being further conducted by a Research Team who monitors or visits the nominees "incognito".

General Awards Criteria
35%     Brand or Corporate Value
30%     Ease of Use & Performance
20%     Satisfaction
15%     Pricing

*The specific award percentages of the awardees are confidential for purpose(s) of not offending consumer products and/or companies of similar corporate or product categories.
Thank you very much for all of Plethora's clients and to the future clients, we promise to give you the best customer service. 
3. As an incentive for becoming a Multiply 5.0 seller, they are giving free Google Ad credits to help with the shop advertisement. Fortunately I had help from my colleagues, who were willing to be models. 
Tasha my pretty mestiza model

Plethora's best selling cropped tops for summer

Kc and Love- My baby doll duo 

Gigly girls in their vintage chiffon dresses

Love, Greta and Tasha in their floral cropped tops

Greta my hot as hell model/co- worker. Makes being sexy effortless
Unfortunately, the Ads were shown for a limited timing, It did increase the shop's sales for teh most part! and my friends and I had fun with the shoot.

Better things are yet to come for this humble online shop of mine. I'll do my best to update soon!

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