Friday, April 29, 2011

Shop love: Izzo Shop

I bought my uncle's DSLR last month in the hope of pursuing my love of photography. I was skeptical in buying his Nikon D70 at first but after a lot of research and reading I decided that it was a great buy for an entry level DSLR. I had the kit, spare batteries and 2 other spare CF cards and that's all. I still had to buy a lot of things like screen protectors, lens cleaning sheets and a camera bag. I searched for camera bags in the internet and found a flurry of black padded and bulky mannish- looking bags and then I saw "the satchel". I inquired with A LOT of online sellers, and every one of them was out of stock. It was funny though, I am a Multiply seller and I almost forgot to search for it in the multiply market place. And then I did! luckily, I found this cute shop, selling mainly camera bags, straps and gadget cases. IZZO SHOP

I immediately filled up an order form and texted Madz. I was so relieved that the design that I wanted was on stock and they have the lowest price from everyone that I inquired from! Here is a description taken from their site.

Our most chic cam bag to date, you can also use it as a regular bag!

- thick plain printed canvass exterior with synthetic leatherette trimming
- fully padded body with 8mm thick foam
- with grey nylon oxford inside
- with fully padded adjustable dividers
- metal snap closure
- 11.5 in x 8 in x 4 in
- outside pocket measures 9.5 in x 5.5 in x 1.75 in
- 750php only!

After everything was cleared up, I paid for my MOLLY BAG the next day, and got my package on Thursday, just as it was scheduled. Happiness!
My DSLR camera bag from IZZO SHOP

My hand-me- down Nikon D70 camera

Nylon oxford lined interior with adjustable dividers that ensures to fit every fashionable girl's DSLR

My cam fits perfectly ms.madz, with my charger and CF cards 

I super looovee my Molly Bag, it doesn't look like a camera bag at all! with I like, "para hindi takaw tingin sa mga magna (nakaw)...hahaha!"

So if you want cute and high quality products for your gadgets that are reasonably priced, Izzo is the shop for you! Expect my amateur photos on my next posts, hehe... till next time guys! :)

*photos taken are from my xperia mini pro


  1. hi.. saw your multiply site which led me here.. nice camera bag.. like you i am also in love with photography... =)

  2. do you have other designs for this kind of bag?how much?tnx