Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photographing Love: A natural model

After I got my second hand camera, I was so trigger happy that I wanted to shoot anything just to practice my photography. I then had an idea to update my co-workers' portraits and in turn help me learn more about photography, and of course having a photo shoot with them was both fun and rewarding, even though I did not want to get paid for it.

Actually before shooting Mommy Khel, I shot Love's photos first. And it was definitely hassle-free! She was lucky to have a photographer brother so she had a lot of experience projecting in front of the camera, so after our duty we had a mini photo shoot. Here are some of my favorite shots:
Love poses effortlessly, I love it!

This was a candid shot, she got shy when our surgeon walked- in the  room

Even her hair is naturally wavy--- i'm so envious!

One of my favorite shots of her
Love even shared a tip; she stares straight in the camera's lens to have an effect of clear glassy eyes :)

Thanks again Love for the stunning photos! :)

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