Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fast Paced

These past couple of months has been a roller coaster ride for both my family and I. Far from the constant lull of my life as an aesthetic nurse and an occasional fashion blogger.

Last February, my boyfriend of 6 years asked me to marry him. Though no formal proposal took place; his intentions and plans were already enough for me, so before his dad left for Saudi Arabia both our families had a little get together and discussed a bit about our plans. :)

Both our families during the "pamamanhikan"
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By April, we already had our engagement photos taken by our awesome photographer, Mr. RV Dela Paz of We Are Seekers photography. We wanted to have an outdoor shoot so we decided to have the shoot during summer so that we won't worry about the weather.

We then had a lot research and booked a couple of our wedding suppliers along the way; by the third week of May, my Grandmother started experiencing excruciating back pain that a day after her birthday we had her admitted at Makati Medical Center; we put our wedding plans on hold and started to take turns caring for our lola but by the end of May, we lost her to Pneumonia and Multiple Organ Failure. She just turned 92.

That's me with my mama and lola during my graduation. Happy times indeed.
We were all devastated by the loss; the house that I was sharing with my lola suddenly became empty and quiet. Upon rummaging through her stuff we saw old photos of her that somehow shifted our mood; seeing her photo made me realize that I was closer to her than I thought. Before Lookbook and Chictopia; there was my lola, with her 5 month old baby bump posing in front of the camera.

And then I saw a her wedding photo with my lolo; tears fell; we just didn't expect her to be gone before my wedding; I remembered how excited she was when she learned that Nards and I were getting married.

By June I didn't really wanted to think about our wedding plans and not even my store; I think we were all just adjusting to the changes at home that it became redundant; go to work-go home- eat dinner- go to sleep. I miss her everyday and instead of breaking down, I had to be strong for our parents. I just prayed for my lola to take the pain that we feel and give us the strength to get through all of this.

Then on the first week of July we were blessed that our Prenup Shoot just got featured on Bridalbook! We got really happy and excited and were motivated to resume with our wedding plans; styled a couple of my friend's engagement shoot and sneaked in a new collection for the store! I was unstoppable.

Read the entire feature HERE

Next month's going to be our shop's anniversary on and in a few weeks the "ber" months and before I know it we'll be welcoming the new year and then I'M GETTING MARRIED TO MY BEST FRIEND! well that's really something to look forward to. :)

More photos HERE
So I hope you're still here with me girls; writing this post has been cathartic :P that's it for now; cause I'm going to have to plan something special for all of you this August.