Sunday, November 4, 2012

Light and Flowy

Met up with my closest college friends last Monday for  our friends' Carl and Drew's homecoming  and here's what I wore:

Lace top and Sheer Kimono- Ombre Vintage , DIY cut off denim shorts, nude pink bow flats- Jessica, Bracelets- Ombre Vintage

I wore this flowy Sheer Kimono on top of a lace blouse with denim shorts and flats for a sweet but stylish laid back look.

Photos taken at the end of the night by the boyfriend :) And for the face:

I decided to go for the natural look and just concealed my flaws and filled in my brows, minsan lang mag- ayos kaya kinareer ko na :D I didn't want them to see my "zombified" usual face.

Products Used

1. Revlon Colorstay Liquid foundation in 180 Sand Beige -I am giving this product a 4/5 :) I love how good the coverage was that I did not need concealer to cover my blemishes. I wore it on my face for almost 14 hrs and as you can see in my outfit posts that were taken that night (no touch ups), my make up was still there and my face just looked a little dewy.

2. Garnier BB- Eye Roll on for under the eyes

3. Ever Bilena Original Eyebrow Pencil in Brown ( I finally found the perfect shade that matches my haircolor! ) and

4. In2it waterproof eyebrow colour in ER 01 Eyebrowns for my eyebrows
5. Beauty UK eyeshadow palette in #4
5. The Face Shop Freshian Volumizing Mascara
6. ELF contouring Blush & Bronzer
7. L. A. Colors Lipstick in Matte Caramel Cream and then topped it with
8. Matte Factor Lip Paint in Light Pink.

NENE AND TOTOY STAGE (my negneg phase) Third year in college
Carl's Birthday, a year after college


With the boyfriend
With Drew, who's now a psych nurse
With my superhot momma Carll
The boys
Of course we didn't forget to reminisce about our college days.

Our venue, Gilligan's Island at Glorietta 5
Yummy cake from Caramia
With my "pareng" Eka, who's already a cardiac nurse

It was also fun to see that some of us also has a family of their own, Drew and Carl got married, and two of our guy friends already had kids, the topics during our conversation went on from our college "kalokohans" to "Parenting"! :)

Meet Yui, Kate and Keane's cute daughter, our barkada's little addition
And this is Alkeia, Aldrin and Kai's one year old daughter
That's the boyfriend testing out Alkeia's Stroller, hahaha!
After lunch, we continued our bonding session at Food Choices and ate a lot of chocolates!
After- lunch chocolate party at Food Choices 
Some of us then decided to go back to Carl and Drew's condo and talked and ate more until midnight.
goofing around just like the old times inside the elevator day is really not enough to spend having fun with these guys! Sobrang saya!!! We still had a lot of things in mind to do but since life got in the way, we had to schedule our next get together pa, tsktsk... I miss them already! Thank God for Friends like these :)

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